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What is the Emmett Technique? New to the UK in 2007, this bodywork therapy is designed to offer fast relief from pain and discomfort. Beneficial effects are commonly noticed before the end of the first treatment. The therapist uses a combination of gentle switches and light pressure to release specific muscle groups, enabling the client's body to return to a balanced state. The treatment is usually performed over light clothing and generally takes between 30 and 50 minutes. Practitioners are trained in assessment skills and how to tailor treatments precisely to their clients' individual needs. They are also trained in assisting the client to recognise and enhance the changes achieved. All facets of this effective and complete treatment result in the successful outcome of the work, creating lasting changes for the client. The results can be almost instantaneous. Before leaving the clinic most clients notice dramatic changes in flexibility, balance, pain levels, ranges of movement, breathing and other functions depending upon the areas worked. The Emmett Technique can be used alone or alongside any other bodywork therapy to enhance its performance. For this reason, it is one of the most desirable and versatile treatments available, enhancing any therapist's practice. Who Can Benefit from Emmett? EVERYONE ! Emmett is safe to use on anyone, from the newborn, pregnant women to the elderly and infirm (with medical supervision where appropriate). This gentle technique frequently gives substantial relief after the first session. Some of the benefits include:  Releasing neck and shoulder discomfort  Aiding headaches and sinus discomfort  Assisting back and hip discomfort  Improving knee and ankle restrictions  Offering pregnancy and infant assistance  Reducing stomach discomfort  Aiding forearm and grip strength  Improving body symmetry and balance  Increasing lung capacity  Increasing body flexibility  Increasing body stability and balance Emmett may help to ease pain and discomfort and may also benefit many other conditions.

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Emmett Technique

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